Bailee took her 1st dance class when she was 4, and she’s loved it ever since. This is her 7th and final year with BW, and she is honored to be this year’s company captain. She is so grateful to be able to do what she loves every day and be a part of such a great team! Dance is a huge part of her life, her passion, and she couldn’t imagine a day without it. She plans to continue dancing throughout college and hopefully start a career in the field.

Bailee has won numerous awards and scholarships, including several 1st place finishes last year for her solo, and winning 2015 LA Dance Magic Senior Performer of the Year. But she is most proud to have taken part in her team’s many amazing performances over the years. Bailee’s training with BW has also allowed her to be able to assist in teaching younger dancers, and she feels lucky to help them experience the joy of dance.

Bailee would like to thank her teammates and Kate, because she wouldn’t have accomplished these things without their support. They are the best! She’d also like to thank her previous dance teachers for all the things she learned from them. Finally, she can’t thank her family enough for their tremendous support throughout the years.

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