Alyssa V.

Alyssa is 12 yrs old and began dancing at the age of 4. This is her 2nd year on Beyond Words Dance Company, and she loves it! Alyssa is inspired by Miss Kate and really admires the consistent dedication and hard work of all the girls in BW. She loves being able to do something she enjoys while spending time with friends, and having the opportunity to dance at conventions and competitions.

Alyssa began her dance career at The Center For Dance under the direction of Jan Forster. She then danced with Expression Dance Studio for 2 years under the direction of Amber Alonzo. Alyssa’s favorite style of dance is contemporary because she loves expressing herself through movement, and her strengths as a dancer are her turns and acro. When Alyssa isn’t dancing, she enjoys hanging out with friends and practicing gymnastics.

Alyssa would like to thank her mom and dad for allowing her the opportunity to dance. She would also like to thank her brother and sister, and the rest of her family, for supporting her at dance events. Finally, Alyssa would like to thank all of her dance teachers for preparing her to be in BW and getting her where she is today.

Dancer Photos