Aden is fifteen years old and a high school sophomore, who is excited to start his third year with Beyond Words Dance Company.  Since the beginning of Aden’s dance career at the age of eight, he has received many scholarships and awards at conventions and other performances.  Some of his career highlights include receiving a four-time Jump VIP title, earning his spot as LADM magic performer of the weekend, becoming a Velocity ‘MVA’, winning multiple Camp Kate scholarships, and being awarded a Camp Kate choreography award for his solo “Within Yourself”, which was featured on Kate Jablonski’s YouTube channel.  Aden finds choreography and improvisation two of the most enjoyable aspects of dance.  Aden would like to acknowledge that he is thankful for everybody that he knows, and so appreciative for all that his family and friends do for him.  He feels blessed to have discovered the joy that dance brings.

Dancer Photos