This is Alyssa’s sixth year dancing for Beyond Words and she is so thrilled to be a part of the Senior team and training with Miss Kate.  Alyssa started dancing when she was two and began competitively dancing at age five.  Throughout her dance career, Alyssa has received many awards and scholarships, including being selected to perform in the Fashion Show at Pulse and receiving the All Star award at Camp Kate.  Alyssa also had the amazing opportunity to perform in Miss Kate’s professional show Tabula Rasa with Beyond Words and The Kate Jablonski Statement.  Alyssa is a junior in high school and this is her third year on the Varsity dance team at her school.  Her longterm goal is to become a forensic pathologist.  Alyssa would like to thank her parents and two brothers, Zach and Nick, for their love and support because she would not be able to live out her dream without them.

Dancer Photos