Sophie is in the 6th grade and is super-excited for her 2nd year on Beyond Words. It’s a huge honor for her to dance with such an amazing company and their awesome choreographer, Miss Kate. Sophie started dancing when she was 3 with Miss Mickey Sullivan. Soon after, she started dancing competitively with Expression Dance Company. She loves dance because she enjoys performing and being able to tell the audience a story. One thing that Sophie has learned from dance is that it doesn’t matter how good you are at first, because if you keep trying, you’ll get better. One day she would love to carry her dancing to a professional level or become an interior designer. Sophie was honored to get a VIP scholarship at JUMP 2014 and runner-up for Magic Performer at LADM 2015.

Sophie would like to thank Miss Amber, Miss Mickey, and Miss Kate for helping her discover her passion for dance. She would not be where she is today without Miss Amber. Sophie would also like to thank her parents and her family for always encouraging her to be her best and for being incomparable supporters.

Dancer Photos