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Erin took her first dance class when she was 3 years old, and although she continued to dance, Erin focused primarily on gymnastics until age 10, when she realized that her passion was in dance. Since then, Erin has studied at Barbera Klein's Dance One and later Center for Dance. This is Erin's first experience on a dance company. She would like to thank all of the girls for being so welcoming towards her. In addition to being apart of Beyond Words, Erin is also a part of her high school's varsity dance team, and is involved in numerous honors and AP classes. Although her schedule is very busy, Erin couldn't be happier. She would like to thank her mother for being so supportive and understanding her busy schedule, and she would also like to thank Miss Kate for believing in her, and for always pushing her to her limit while continuing to reinforce her love for dance.

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